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Ehrenamtliche Tätigkeit


Volunteering leads to the exchange of knowledge, work, cultures and ideas, new friendships, broader minds, increased social engagement and a sense of being able to make a difference in the lives of others as well as your own.

Become a volunteer at Intact and experience India while giving your journey a purpose. Intact, a non-profit, charity organization, was established in 1992 by Thomas Ebenezer who, by helping those in need of food, shelter and a sense of security, is living his dream. Intact works to empower marginalised individuals in society, with focus on people with physical and intellectual disabilities, mountain tribes and poor women, by creating opportunities for independent living. Intact wants to achieve a society where everyone, regardless of caste, ethnicity, gender, religion, colour and ability is accepted and given the opportunity to develop to their full potential – without discrimination.


 What you can do

  • Teach English, computer, music or games/physical education
  • Work with children with intellectual disabilities at Intact Special School
  • Help with the riding therapy program and experience the joy of children riding
  • Work with the vocational training program for adolescents

You can also benefit from special activities

  • Learn to cook traditional Indian cuisine
  • Enjoy hiking in the striking mountain region
  • Visit families in the tribal villages
  • Get an introduction to classical Indian dance
  • See our various projects around Tamilnadu
  • Take weekend breaks and visit temples and other places of interest



Intact Special School (ISS)

A residential school for children with physical and intellectual disabilities between the ages of 3–14

Horse Riding Therapy Centre

The children at ISS visit the centre on a weekly basis for horse riding therapy.

Girl’s Hostel

The hostel in Vellimalai helps adolescent tribal girls pursue their high school studies.

Intact Nursery & Primary School

An English medium school in Kalrayan hills offers high- quality schooling for children aged between 3.5 and 10.

Opportunity Campus

An innovative project that targets adults with intellectual disabilities between the ages of 14 –35 and prepares them for employment and independent living.

How it works

Write an email to Intact and introduce yourself and why you would like to volunteer. We will review your information and get back to you as soon as we can. If possible, we suggest that we meet and discuss expectations from both sides and find what we believe is needed and available in India. You are responsible for paying for airfare, visa and ensuring that you have the right vaccinations. We will assist you as best we can with information based on our experience. When on location in India you will have a whole local organisation supporting you, but we will also stay in contact via e-mail and/or Skype. During your stay with Intact in India you pay (Indian) market price for room and board. We do not charge any administration fees, but in return we require that you commit to staying for 3 months.

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